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HTC U11 Review

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In five years reviewing smartphones I don’t think I’ve ever seen one so full of contradiction as the HTC U11. A stunning backplate mated to a forgettable face; fast software blunted by extraneous gimmicks; slick multimedia features without a big battery to back ‘em up. Even the name "U11" seems an awkward compromise of last year’s simplicity and this year’s … peculiar claptrap. But despite all the flip-flopping, the HTC U11 is a good smartphone with some unique features; find out whether they’re enough to make it matter, in MrMobile's HTC U11 Review! [SUBSCRIBE] https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSOpcUkE-is7u7c4AkLgqTw?sub_confirmation=1 [PRODUCTS IN THIS VIDEO] HTC...
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