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How to Crochet a Modern Draped Cardigan - Easy Free Crochet Sweater Pattern

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In this beginner crochet video tutorial, we will learn how to make the surprisingly easy Habitat Cardigan free crochet pattern. Despite the sophisticated-looking stitch texture, dolman sleeves and ribbed collar, this beginner crochet sweater is based entirely on an easy rectangle. The basic stitch pattern and very easy construction make this sweater perfect for beginners who want to make their first wearable garment. Follow along with the free written crochet pattern linked below to learn how to crochet a beautiful, flowing sweater that you will love to wear! You can find the full, free crochet pattern here: http://makeanddocrew.com/habitat-cardigan-beginner-crochet-sweater-part-1 Click to...
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